Affordable website maintenance services & support

When it comes to affordable website management services & web support packages, an ounce of prevention is always better (and less expensive) than a pound of cure.

I can be your very own Webmaster from $1.05* per day!

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Web Maintenance NZ

A “WordPress Website Maintenance Package” includes daily checks for software updates to WP core, Plugins and Theme files.  Backups are done daily for databases & weekly for file backups with off-site Cloud storage. Fast backup restores are done in emergency situations!

Content Editing

I take care of all the fiddly little changes; phone numbers, addresses, and minor text editing. Need a photo added to a gallery or a new Gallery? I can also take care of image replacements, and image optimisation for faster page load speed.  Addition of new pages, including an addition to navigation…

Site Security

Robust website security is a complex process. It links both the web server provided by your hosting company and the web application software you run on your website. To that, I add robust firewall protection from hacking scripts, robust Brute Force Login security + secure password enforcement..

Tech Support

Get targeted technical support services for your website. If something breaks, I will determine the cause and do repairs as soon as possible. Troubleshooting software and plugin updates, and web hosting/server issues. I can also assist you to find better hosting and help you with web site migration…

How our web support services work…

Once you sign up for a WordPress Management Package or any of the other packages we offer, there are a series of stages in the process of securing your website and enhancing its performance.

We do a full website audit of the WordPress installation and the hosting account and assess issues such as:

  • Security
  • Backups
  • Page Load Speed
  • Problematic plugins (expired, out of date, resource hungry etc.

We provide you with a full website audit document will be sent to you for:

  • Your information and records…
  • And for your approval before we touch anything!

You review and approve the changes before any work is done…

    The first priority is implementing robust security, if its not already in place.

    The second task is ensuring all plugins are appropriate and suited to the task they’re supposed to perform. In almost all cases this area needs work – obsolete plugins, or 3 plugins used when one good plugin would do better job on all 3 tasks.

    Major Steps = Backups

    Before and after each major step – such as a WordPress update, or a major plugin update such as Woocommerce, we do a Full Backup before proceeding, and another after its successful completion. The objective is to always have a Restore point…

    Once the site is secure and all plugins are updated, we proceed with load speed optimisation.

    Once the site is all in order, we set the known robust plugins and design themes to “Auto-Update” so that when new releases are available, they are applied.

    We provide ongoing WordPress technical support, advice and assistance as/if required throughout the maintenance plan period.

    We install a monitoring plugin (ManageWP) and run that daily to check for any components on your site that are out of date:

    • WP language translation file updates.
    • Woocommerce database updates.
    • Any plugins & themes that have not been updated.

    As always: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

    Why should you work with me?


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    Optimisation & Protection

    Your WordPress website pages will be optimised for page load speed with caching & compression tools, shielded by a robust Web Application Firewall, Login Protection and Backup and Restore apps.

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    Expert Technical Services

    A specialist in WordPress website technical support, I work hard to keep your site operational round the clock. To minimise website threats, I make security and software checks daily, and immediately apply updates.

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    About Me

    A freelance IT consultant since 1994, I’ve specialised for more than a decade in WordPress web design services. I have 20+ years of experience in website technical support, security and web site maintenance.

    WordPress page speed optimisation services

    Google’s core web vitals scores on page speed insights were baked into rankings from mid-July 2021. Website speed optimisation service is therefore really important. As part of web support services, I provide the expertise to ensure your website is fast. Really fast!

    • Page load speed optimisation.
    • Image optimisation including WEBP images.
    • Premium caching + Cloudflare CDN implementation.

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