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Outsourcing WordPress support and maintenance services

Outsource site management if you are a very busy designer or developer! Do you lack the time and enthusiasm for doing regular WordPress website maintenance services such as:

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If that’s you, then I might be your solution…

You do what YOU do best… We can do the rest!

There’s quite a bit of work at the beginning in terms of doing the following:

  • Website audit to see what is needed to secure the site 
  • implementing a standard security framework (web application firewall and brute force login, blocking bad bots etc.)
  • implementing a robust backup regime (Updraftplus premium plugin) with secure off-site Cloud storage (Dropbox)
  • Installing a Site Management app (ManageWP)
  • page load speed optimisation (WP Rocket Cache premium plugin / Shortpixel etc.)
  • enabling auto-updates on WP, plugins and themes as appropriate

At that point, it comes down to monitoring and responding to issues and troubleshooting & tech support as/if required. Most sites tend to tick along for weeks/months without much input required. Others require regular efforts – especially if the site owner is active. 

Basically, I’m really flexible and happy to work with anyone who needs best practices and access to my skillset. 

When you are ready to outsource web support services, I can provide all of the above and much more at very reasonable costs.

What is WordPress maintenance outsourcing?

In general, the phrase “outsourcing” is used to describe any work, obligation, job, process, or function that would traditionally be handled “in-house” but is instead delegated to an outside individual or organization.

There are several sorts of outsourcing, including:
Employing specialized independent contractors to do duties that are inadequately covered by your current workforce.

  • Contracting with outsourcing companies that provide a variety of services.
  • Working with an agency to assist you in identifying the most qualified outsourcing providers.
  • Utilizing virtual assistants and other remote workers
  • Utilizing Internet services for “one-time” jobs

What services can be outsourced?

Almost any task that can be performed internally can also be outsourced. The majority of business owners outsource in order to have a “virtual” employee accessible to perform tasks that do not currently require a full-time or even part-time employee.

Depending on the sort of business, you may wish to hire an outside contractor or organization to handle responsibilities such as:

  • Site Maintenance
  • Technical Support & Assistance
  • Graphics Design work
  • Web design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Writing for blogs and other types of material

How maintenance outsourcing works

Most website design and marketing agencies start out by maintaining their client’s websites in-house. They rapidly learn that this is not a sustainable practice due to the sheer amount of time spent on tedious web management tasks. Of course, that’s time better spent on:

  • attracting new clients and expanding their customer base
  • running internet marketing campaigns for clients
  • new site design & development projects.

Web design agencies should outsource WordPress management to an external team such as WebsiteMaintenanceServices.co.nz.

Outsourced WordPress support:

A web design agency can work with a specialist WordPress website management services provider to provide efficient site management.

The design agency then charges its clients a slightly higher price for web management packages than it does for outsourced works.

The web maintenance company provides a total package for site management that includes Core Web Vitals optimisation, security protection (web application firewall & brute force login protection), technical support, WordPress software upgrades including plugins, design themes, and the WP core files, and some form of reporting mechanism.

The agency now has a recurring revenue stream instead of a liability and no longer needs to provide staff time to web support services. They are thus empowered to ensure client websites are fast, secure, and current at all times.

What are the Advantages

Benefiting from white-label WordPress maintenance services is one of the best methods for an agency to save time, money, and sanity.

No longer will you be bombarded with Speed Optimization failures, security alerts, and malfunctioning sites. Instead, you will have more time to provide the greatest services and return on investment to your clients.

Does it generate money too?

The average web design agency loses 1 to 3 days of productive work per month fluffing around solving page speed issues, dealing with security alerts, plugin conflicts, and toasted websites.

But what if you could devote those hours to onboarding new clients, working on client marketing efforts, or developing a new site? You will be able to create more revenue for your firm and produce better outcomes for your clients.

Is there an impact on website uptime?

What occurs when a site goes down? A full-service web design agency might not have the time and expertise to instantly restore the online status. But a maintenance service provider is equipped and ready to deal with emergencies immediately, getting websites back to life as their top priority.

Did you know that expert maintenance eliminates security issues before they occur?

Proactive maintenance anticipates threats and applies remedial action in advance of an attack. Hacks are extremely devastating to a business, especially if downtime is significant, and if bad actors access their client’s customer data. This could affect your reputation AND your clients may lose revenues.

Did you know that WordPress updates are mission-critical?

It is essential to update the WordPress sites so they are functioning correctly and are secured against newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

By sourcing these services externally, the provider can, if requested, update software outside of business hours so as not to interfere with site visitors.

Did you know that Backups are mission-critical too?

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. It’s common to forget to create backups until it’s too late. Dealing with the horror of not being able to restore the latest version of a site is a dismal experience.

Outsourcing providers will always have recent off-site backups in secure Cloud Storage.


Your clients’ sites will function smoothly and you have will more time to focus on your core business activities. Contact the WordPress specialists if you’re interested


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