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Ben Kemp

WMS NZ is a service operated by Ben Kemp, a freelance web consultant since 1997. Ben’s association with IT management began in 1989 with:

  • 2 years of Unix-based financial systems administration.
  • Implementation of library systems & networks.

In 1991 he was appointed IT Manager at a district council in Canterbury NZ. As IT Manager, Ben was responsible for an AURISA (Australasia Urban & Regional Information Systems) award-winning geographic systems project implementation. An intranet project development followed on from that, leading to a deep interest in emerging internet technologies. In 1994 Ben decided to became a freelance IT consultant and worked for local government agencies from Dargaville to Dunedin assisting with the implementation of GIS projects…

His first website was www.comauth.co.nz – (Computer Authorities) which focused on IT projects for NZ local authorities. Registered on 28 January 1997, ComAuth steadily evolved to cover search engine optimisation services, to the point where Ben was soon working full-time doing SEO projects for small businesses in NZ & AU. This was in the days when Alta Vista, Yahoo, The Open Directory and Northern Light were the dominant search engines and Google was still a dream in a garage…

How WMS NZ was generated

All roads lead to Rome…

WordPress SEO Consultant

The evolution of WordPress was watched with great interest, leading to the launch of www.TheSEOguy.co.nz on 15 March 2006. This was specifically aimed at WordPress SEO.

A keen interest in emerging internet technologies led to extensive experience in web design & development, CMS implementation, web hosting, internet security and search engine optimisation that is unmatched by the majority of web designers… Delivering WordPress management was a logical extension…

Design & Redesign

Web design services were offered via www.website-designers.net.nz by 2002. This evolved into www.Website-Redesign-Company.co on 2011-07-09 and was abbreviated to www.WebsiteRedesign.nz on 24 May 2022. Redesign projects require a broad skillset to prevent disaster to current website rankings. Those skills are not easy to find, requiring both SEO consultancy experience and technical WordPress expertise…


I’ve provided full-service web hosting for 11 years via www.Hosting-SE-Asia.co which was created on 2012-08-12. As part of that service, I’ve managed VPS servers using WHM / cPanel and Spanel for clients. I have a Reseller Hosting account with Stablehost.

As part of managing and maintaining client sites, I’ve 20+ years of experience in operating on cPanel, Spanel, Plesk and H-Sphere-based hosting systems. Site migration is a common part of my overall duties.

WordPress Tech Support

Complementing maintenance and support tasks, the www.WordPressTechSupport.co.nz site was also launched on 08 November 2013. Experience gained in daily use of WordPress since version 1.5 in 2005 was made available to small business owners running self-hosted WP sites.

  • 10 years experience in delivering web maintenance.

Site Maintenance

Having been an SEO consultant since 1997, with extensive experience in SEO, WordPress and website design/redesign, Ben was taking care of more and more client sites as the years went by. The www.WebsiteMaintenanceServices.co.nz website and packages were launched immediately after the domain was registered on 08 November 2013. WMS NZ staff have more than 18 years of daily and direct hands-on experience in all facets of WP website maintenance, including:

  • Repair: phishing and malware code removal, recovery from hacking attacks.
  • Security: 10 years of daily WP tech support including implementation of web application firewalls, brute force login protections and mitigation of DDoS attacks. I also provide security audits and implementation of recommendations…
  • WordPress issues: I’ve worked with WP since v1.5 in 2005. Regaining access in emergencies. Upgrades to software and plugins. Theme updates and replacements. Security monitoring, and content updates.
  • Website redesign: 20+ years of hands-on redesign services.
  • SEO consultancy: 26 years of daily experience in providing search engine optimisation projects for clients.

Recreation Activities

Aside from the personal satisfaction gained from 2+ decades of freelance consulting, Ben is also an enthusiastic “big bikes” fan (Kawasaki Vulcan Custom 900 / Honda CMX500) and he is far too fond of espresso coffee… Decades of client support have taught me the most valuable lesson an IT guy can learn!

“Life is TTWCtoo tough without coffee/chocolate!

A good cup of fresh coffee is the best start to a working day – my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine has been enhancing my sanity and my work ethic for over 10 years without a hiccup!

Born in Greymouth NZ, and based in a ‘virtual’ office, I provide WordPress management and support for clients worldwide. I also deliver internet consultancy: SEO, redesign, web site technical supportmaintenance and support and web hosting service to clients in diverse geographic locations such as;

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Costa Rica
  • S.E. Asia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

The Point of Difference?

100% Guaranteed Personal Service is Assured. You deal directly with the guy who works on your project!

Fast and excellent service every time. Highly recommended.
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Giles Scott
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Nikki Eagle
Ben is knowledgeable, professional and responsive. I've been using Ben for website building, hosting and search optimization since 2013 and am very happy with his work.
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Scott Etherton

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