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When it comes to website maintenance services & web support packages, an ounce of prevention is always better (and less expensive) than a pound of cure.

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I can be your very own Webmaster from only $32* per month!

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How our Website Maintenance Services work…

WP Website Maintenance Services

Once you sign up for a WordPress Management Services Package, there are a series of stages in the process to securing your website and enhancing its performance. These are explained in the tabs at left.

Website Security & Performance Audit

Once you sign up for a Website Maintenance Plan, the first thing we request are the administrator access details for your website. With that, the next action is to log in and assess the environment your site operates in. Here’s an example of what we look at:

Site Health: what does WordPress think needs fixing in its Site Health checks?

WordPress Security

Are the following issues addressed / implemented / mitigated?

  • Web application firewall
  • Brute Force Login protection
  • Security Headers
  • XML-RPC and the REST API

Backups: do you have a robust and fully automated backup mechanism in place? You need to regularly backup both files and data to secure, off-site Cloud storage.

Plugins: does the site have obsolete, duplicated and/or inactive plugins that constitute a security threat?

Themes: do you have reams of old themes installed? That’s a security threat…

Page Load Speed & Core Web Vitals Performance

Caching: do you have a reliable and effective mechanism for caching your site for optimal load speed performance?

Image Optimisation: are all images correctly sized and compressed? Or is the Media Library full of bloated images uploaded off a camera?

Hosting Settings

PHP: Is the correct (later & faster) version of PHP set?

Memory: Does WordPress have enough memory allocated to function well?

Caching: are opcache and memcached turned on?

PHP Variables: Is max_input_variables set high enough?

File Size Settings: is the Maximum Post Size / File Upload Size adequate and matched?

PHP settings can have a significant impact on both performance and security – negative for old versions and positive for updating to later versions. Most sites should be running PHP v7.4.

Audit Report

This information is assembled into a document and sent through to you for:

  • your information
  • and for your approval before we touch anything!

Once you’ve read through the website technical audit document that outlines the issues, you then give us the ok to proceed with the changes we’ve recommended. The changes proposed will:

  • Make the site highly secure and resistant to external threats from hackers using various attack vectors and mechanisms.
  • Provide a fall-back / fail-safe position for your site and its contents. If ever there is a crisis involving the hosting, site developer and or designer etc, a full copy of the website is always available for recreation / restoration.
  • Ensure that the website loads as fast as is possible – within the constraints of the hosting platform and the design theme…

Once we have your approval of the recommended changes, the first steps are to:

  • Install Updraftplus Backups (Premium version valued at US$70)
  • Take a Full Backup (Files and Data) and store that in secure Cloud Storage (Dropbox)

That is done before we make any changes at all. This protects us from any issues that arise when updates begin. For example, if you have a theme or plugin that generates a critical error when WordPress is updated, or security plugins are installed.

Once we have a full backup safely stored off-site, we first tackle the security issues. There would be nothing worse than discovering that the site has just been hacked as we are beginning the process!

We document each step as it is carried out, and test the the site is still functioning as it should be.

Major Steps = Backups

Before and after each major step – such as a WordPress update, or major plugin update such as Woocommerce, we do a Full Backup before proceeding, and another after its successful completion. The objective it always have restore point…

Once the site is secure and all plugins are update, we proceed with load speed optimisation.

Website Performance Enhancement

Caching: This commences with installation of WP Rocket Cache (premium plugin, value is US$49 per year). Systematic, step by step configuration usually yields dramatic boosts to Google Page Speed Insights (core web vitals) scores.

Asset Cleanup: is compatible with WP Rocket Cache and extends improvement by removing a number of unnecessary WP functions. This reduces HTTP requests and speeds load times. Where a plugin is used on 1 page only, but loads code site-wide, Asset Cleanup can also force better behavior and prevent ode loading where its not needed.

Shortpixel Image optimisation: can be installed and apply “lossy” compression to all images site-wide, including thumbnails. It can also reduce dimensions to a pre-set maximum size. On a recent project filled with horrendously large images, Shortpixel reduced file sizes by an average of 91% and saved 1.74 GIGA-Bytes of disk space!

When we are done, we send you a report of the works completed.

On completion of the recommendations from the initial Website Audit, we will send you an itemised report on what we’ve done, and what difference it has made.

This may include a “Before” and “After” screenshot of Google’s page speed insights tests etc.

At this point, you are welcome to point out any issues you note on the site:

  • Typos to be fixed
  • Addresses and phone numbers that need updating
  • Display quirks that don’t look right – sometimes caching can result is CSS not working as expected.

The WP Maintenance Housekeeping Continues

Once the site is all in order, we set the known robust plugins and design themes to “Auto-Update” so that when new releases are available, they are applied.

We install a monitoring plugin (ManageWP) and run that daily to check for any components on your site that are out of date:

  • WP language translation file updates
  • Woocommerce database updates
  • Any plugins & themes that have not updated

We provide ongoing WordPress technical support, advice and assistance as/if required throughout the maintenance plan period.

As always “An ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure!”

Website Maintenance

An annual “WordPress Website Maintenance Services Package” includes daily checks for software updates to WordPress core, Plugins and Theme files.  Backups are done daily for databases & weekly for file backups with off-site Cloud storage at minimum. Fast backup restores done in emergency situations!.

Content Editing

I take care of all the fiddly little changes; phone numbers, address, minor text editing. Need a photo added to a gallery or new Gallery? I can also take care of image replacements, and image optimisation for faster page load speed.  Addition of new pages, including addition to navigation..


Website security is a complex process. It links both the web server provided by your hosting company and the web application software you run on your website. To that, I add robust firewall protection from hacking scripts, robust Brute Force Login security + secure password enforcement..

Technical Support

On-target technical support services for your website. If something breaks, I will determine the cause and effect repairs as soon as possible. Trouble-shooting software and plugin updates, hosting / server issues. I can also assist you to find better hosting and help you with web site migration…

Core Web Vitals Optimisation

Google’s core web vitals scores on page speed insights willl be baked into rankings from mid-June 2021. Website speed and reliability is crucial. As part of web maintenance support services, I provide the expertise to ensure your website is fast. Really fast!

  • Page load speed optimisation
  • Image optimisation including WEBP images
  • Premium caching + Cloudflare CDN implementation

Why Work With Me?


Page optimisation

Optimisation & Protection

Your WordPress website pages will be optimised for page load speed with caching & compression tools, shielded by a robust Web Application Firewall, Login Protection and Backup & Restore apps.

Website tech support services

Expert Technical Services

A specialists in WordPress website technical support, I work hard to keep your site operational round the clock. To minimise website threats, I make security and software checks daily, and immediately apply updates.

About Me

A freelance IT consultant since 1994, I’ve specialised for more than a decade in WordPress web design services and have 20+ years of experience in website technical support, security and website maintenance.


Ben is a man of integrity and is genuinely ‘the real thing’ when it comes to both web design and SEO… I look forward to many more months / years working with you Ben from us all at ‘What to do in Wellington’ and ‘Trails of Australia”.

– Jerry Bridge – Bridge Travels

We’ve been working with Ben since 2007. He’s put together a number of quality websites over that time, and supported us continuously with technical updates, SEO activity and pro-active advice. Ben works very hard for his customers…

– Shayne Jones – cryptlib

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