Website Software & Security Management

If there’s one constant thing about websites, its that the game changes daily. The sophistication of hacking tools and the skills of the people that use them for nefarious purposes defies belief. They seem to have an uncanny ability to find and exploit the tiniest vulnerability within software.

We work primarily with WordPress and because it is the world’s leading content management system, with over 70 million installations worldwide, it is a prime target for hackers. Find a vulnerability in a plugin and it opens up the opportunity to hack thousands of sites!

Because we see this on a daily basis, we can respond to security problems quickly and eliminate the problems. Better still, we can implement pro-active measures to prevent known issues from arising, by installing security systems for you;

  • Ninja Firewall – stops most troublesome visitors in their tracks
  • Wordfence Security, in tandem with Sucuri Security prevents unauthorised access
  • IQ Block Country – t0 to ensure the bad guys don’t get time to fiddle behind the scenes
  • place WordPress in a subdirectory and change the default database table names to defeat automated script-based hacking efforts

As well as the proactive security measures, we implement a good Database and Files backup regime for you, and update all software as soon as new versions are available. In the less likely event a compromise occurs and content is lost, we are able to recover / restore from the backups.