Website Maintenance Packages

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Website Maintenance Packages Ensure Business Continuity

Small businesses in particular are preoccupied with increasing sales revenues and keeping their existing client base satisfied with the products and/or services they require. My Website Maintenance Packages ensure continuity of your online business activities with minimal effort from you. I provide you with the technical support you require – without the costs of recruiting and managing another staff member who possesses the hard-to-acquire skills and experience to manage a business website.

  1. You receive all the website maintenance assistance you’ll ever need, without having to hire a full-time employee.
  2. Your website will be in cared for by a professional with two decades of experience.
  3. I follow best industry practices that eliminate amateurish errors.
  4. No more unnecessary downtime on site, server or email, no more lost data.
  5. Web application firewall installed, brute force login protection provided
  6. Page load speed optimised

On top of that, you get rapid response to any issues that arise!

Website Maintenance Package Options

WordPress website maintenance and management services are our core competency…

WordPress Management Services

$32 per month

  • Daily Monitoring for updates
  • Daily Database Backup
  • Weekly Full Files Backup
  • Security Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical Support

WP Hosting & Care Plans

$36.25 per month

  • Full service managed hosting
  • Daily Monitoring for updates
  • Daily Database Backup
  • Weekly Full Files Backup
  • Security Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting & Technical Support

Corporate Website Care Plans

$100 per month

  • Daily Monitoring for Updates
  • Bi-Daily Database Backups
  • Daily Full Files Backup
  • Security Monitoring
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk for Staff

How clients benefit from website care & maintenance packages:

  1. Web application firewall security systems are implemented to minimise unauthorised access.
  2. Brute Force Login protection is implemented, along with secure passwords.
  3. Software and plugins updated immediately they are available to minimise security risks.
  4. Page load speed modules are implemented to ensure fastest possible load times.
  5. Scheduled website backups (Files and databases) are stored off-site and issues monitored.
  6. Updating website with minor content changes, fixing typos etc is fast and efficient.
  7. Rapid troubleshooting of any errors on your website, and report on remedial action taken.
  8. Analyzing website for broken links.
  9. Web hosting server migration as/if required.
  10. and much more!

Website Maintenance Objectives

The objective is to deliver the most efficient website care and maintenance services to all clients. I see this as a long-term partnership. As a partner, I work closely with you to manage the technical issues that underpin your online business activities.  That means you won’t have to learn how to maintain a website, or build a web page. Instead, your website maintenance needs are taken care of by genuine experts.

Contact me to learn more about how we can take the stress out of your website and hosting services. I offer monthly fixed price maintenance packages so that you can keep your website up-to-date without worry about any large “surprise” bills.

  • I also provide additional services over and above the Website Care Plans –  at either hourly rates or fixed price quotes.

Ready to Get Started with a “Peace of Mind” Web Site Continuity Plan?

No more worries about the technical complexities of owning your website! Contact me today to establish the website care and maintenance plan that works best for your online business.

Website Maintenance Services Request
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Got Any Website Maintenance Questions?

What is website maintenance?

Website Maintenance is the art of maintaining and promptly updating your website’s software to ensure it is always up-to-date and secure, along with editing content. A well-maintained website ensures that your business avoids downtime and provides your online visitors with a positive user experience.

How much do I charge for website maintenance?

My fixed price website maintenance package rates start at US$250 per year or NZ$38 per month plus setup fee.

What other costs are needed to maintain my website?

In addition to website maintenance plan, you will also have to pay;

  1. The annual domain name registration fees as invoiced by your domain registrar
  2. The website hosting fees as invoiced by your hosting provider

There are costs to not maintaining your website too!

Not keeping systems updated increases the likelihood of hacking due to insecure software, or site failure due due to incompatibilities in software versions. The risk of such downtime is high – loss of income, and lost customer data etc. Avoid all the drama, get a maintenance and support plan today!