Outsource Your Website Maintenance

Last Updated on Sunday, October 3, 2021 by Ben

Are you are a very busy website designer or developer? Do you lack the time and enthusiasm for website maintenance services such as:

  • Implementing robust security and monitoring attacks
  • Implementing off-site Cloud backups
  • Ensuring WP and plugin updates are done promptly
  • Delivering WP tech support
  • Dealing with hacking and malware
  • Page load speed optimisation
  • Etc…

If that’s you, then I might be your solution….

You do what YOU do best… We can do the rest!

There’s quite a bit of work at the beginning in terms of doing the following:

  • Site audit to see whats needed to secure the site 
  • implementing a standard security framework (web application firewall and brute force login, blocking bad bots etc)
  • implementing a robust backup regime (Updraftplus premium plugin) with secure off-site Cloud storage (Dropbox)
  • installing a Site Management app (ManageWP)
  • page load speed optimisation (WP Rocket Cache premium plugin / Shortpixel etc)
  • enabling auto-updates on WP, plugins and themes as appropriate

At that point, it comes down to monitoring and responding to issues and troubleshooting & tech support as/if required.  – most sites tend to tick along for weeks / months without much input required. Others require regular efforts – especially if the site owner is active. 

Basically, I’m really flexible, and happy to work with anyone who needs my skillset. 

I can provide all of the above and much more at very reasonable costs.

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