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Removing Malware from Your Website

Has your website been hacked and infected with malware virus, defaced or deleted? Contact me for a no-obligation quote for fast professional help to resolve your malware issues! Website security becomes more of an issue each year that goes by. There is a relentless battle between the hackers intent on inserting malware and/or phishing software into sites owned by unsuspecting businesses. The consequences of that can be severe and may include blocks by search engines such as Google, blacklisting on anti-spam sites, and eviction from your hosting company’s web server!

Malware Removal Services

Thousands of websites are hacked every day, with a multitude of intentions behind their efforts. The hackers objectives include;

  1. Defacement, damage or deletion of your website.
  2. Theft of personal data
  3. Redirection of your traffic to other websites
  4. Installing a malware and/or phishing mechanism that will cause your visitors to divulge personal data
  5. Monitoring emails to intercept payments

If your website gets hacked, you want the situation resolved ASAP and the website restored to its previously healthy status.

Rule #1: Don’t panic!

Panic is a common reaction, but tackling an uncertain situation with insufficient information or expertise may well make the situation  worse.

However, you do need rapid intervention to remedy the issue, before any of the malware monitoring services detect the infection and blacklist your website.

When your website has been infected with malware or phishing code, access to it may be blocked by your hosting company as soon as their filters discover it. The website may also be red-flagged (or blocked) by web browsers with alarming alert messages guaranteed to drive away potential customers:

  • Chrome: “The Website Ahead Contains Malware!”
  • Firefox: “Reported Attack Site!”
  • Internet Explorer: “This website has been reported as unsafe”
  • Safari: “Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer”
  • Opera: “Fraud Warning”

It may be blocked in search engines;

  • Google: “This site may harm your computer” or “This site may harm your device”
  • Yahoo: “Warning: Hacking Risks”

The Best Website Malware Removal Services?

If you urgently need to remove malware from your website, any of the best website malware removal service and solutions will clean and restore your hacked website, but costs vary greatly.

I provide a complete website security solution and services include website malware removal, along with implementation of remedial measures that should prevent future cyber attacks from being successful. That includes a web application firewall, Brute Force Login protection, secure password enforcement etc.

Affordable Costs – suitable for businesses of all sizes!

My website security solutions and scanning packages fit small to medium size business budgets.

Don’t Risk Being Blacklisted by Google or other malware checking agencies

Most of the websites will lose 95% of traffic when they are blacklisted by Google and others. We’ll detect and remove threats and resolve malware issues on your website. Unlimited malware clean-up services. If your website has been infected with spam or malware attacks, we safely remove malicious code in your website and quickly to repair the damage.

The service I provide is quite different to that proved by other website security consultants in that once your site is cleaned;

  1. I implement a Web Application Firewall AND Brute Force Login Protection to stop your site being hacked again!
  2. I provide a guarantee that in the unlikely event that another hacking occurs, I fix the site for free!
  3. I provide free 365 days of website maintenance services that ensures security is monitored, backups are done and software is kept up to date!

Costs: $385

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